What is video advertising

A commercial video is a little movie. If the movie is good, you want to watch it and show it to your friends. And if it's the kind they usually spin on TV, then the effect of it is like a blow to the head with a blunt object.
In general, both are effective in their own way.
Video advertising is designed for consumers in the most general sense, and is more suitable for manufacturers and sellers of consumer products than for industrial companies and specialized narrowly focused agencies. If your client can be any internet user or any person "from the street" - video advertising is the best choice for you.

The most effective kind of video advertising today is the viral commercials spreading on the Internet from friends to friends. This is the least expensive and the most effective way to promote products and services in today's Internet environment.
No less effective, but covering a much wider range of audience - pre-roll. Preroll video ads - the user sees the commercial before the start of the requested video. For example, he clicks on the video, which tells about the proper care of kolly, and before the video he sees an advertising clip about a beauty salon for longhaired dogs.

Promotional games

One of the very trendy and very effective advertising methods today is to create interactive applications (e.g. games) that touch on your products. Interaction with the interactive environment of the game provides a long contact of the client with the brand, establishes a close emotional connection with the goods and the manufacturer and increases the interest in the brand.
For the development of the games programmers from the web games environment, as well as game designers and sound engineers are involved in the project. Your game can become a part of a corporate site as well as a separate promo site.
A promo game is an optimal advertising solution for the age group of 14-22. If you sell goods to children and teenagers, consider this promotional solution first.

Interactive banners.

One of the subspecies of games - interactive banners. This is an advertisement of a particular banner format, which involves the interaction of the user with the advertising module. Very well suited for advertising new electronic devices, innovative online services, as well as for the promotion of image goods.
Interactive banners provide long-term user contact with the advertising module, which has a positive effect on the image of the product and the user's attitude towards it.
Contact our multimedia solutions specialists, and your advertising campaign will be handled by professionals of the highest class. With the right construction of multimedia campaign, such advertising can be the most effective and efficient among the other conventional methods of advertising.