Silverbird Communications

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Established in 1980 to provide contemporary family entertainment and relaxation to Nigerians, The Silverbird Group has become the leading media/entertainment business in sub- Saharan Africa, with horizontally integrated interests in Communications (TV & Radio), Cinemas, Production and Real Estate.

Our radio offering is uniquely distinguished by highly interactive call-in shows, On-Air Personalities (OAP), up-to-the-minute news reports and airplay of the most current music hits as well as evergreen oldies.

Silverbird Television’s main objective is to provide its audience with quality and wholesome family entertainment, leveraging our wide array of local and internationally syndicated shows and live programs in a unique 24-hour broadcast format.

A notable attribute of our radio and TV offerings is the commanding brand trust and affinity that the Silverbird brand enjoys with the younger generation of Nigerians, the majority demographic grouping in the most populous country in Africa.

In late 2010, Silverbird Communications was awarded a network license by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) which permits the business to broadcast both radio and television programming nationwide. There is no gainsaying that this will allow the Company to significantly extend its footprint and brand across the Nigerian territory.

Silverbird Communications which encompasses both Silverbird Television and our flagship radio station, Rhythm FM, Silverbird Communications operates in six of the ten Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (“NBC”) Zones.