Silverbird Cinemas

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In 2004, The Galleria firmly installed Silverbird Cinemas as a game changer and the de facto leader in the Nigerian leisure and entertainment industry.
We continue to provide Nigerians and expatriates daily releases of blockbuster movies in an environment and ambience that is comparable to, and sometimes arguably better than, the service quality available in developed markets.

With 10 locations, in 5 States, 3 Countries, a total screen size of 65 & a seating capacity of 9,919, It makes the Silverbird Cinemas one of the largest Cinema chains in West Africa.

For over 10 years Silverbird Cinemas has been entertaining Africa with Movies from around the world. Silverbird Cinemas has come a long way since its inception in 2004. Within this time period, Silverbird Cinemas can boast of the following:

  • The eight-screen facility in Showtime Port Harcourt
  • The 12-screens/8 VIP lounges Silverbird Entertainment Centre (SEC) in Abuja – West Africa’s largest Cinema complex complete with the international shopping and entertainment experience.
  • The 5 screen multiplex cinema and lifestyle store in Accra (Ghana) – in conjunction with local partners.
  • 30% of current Screens will be dedicated to showing Nollywood Movies
  • The First 12 Screen Multiplex cinema in West Africa
  • The First Cinemas to be located in two countries in West-Africa
  • AFRICA’S BEST CINEMAS BRAND OF THE YEAR AWARD 2014 by African Brand Congress
  • First Cinemas to Get 10 Million customers within 6 Years in West- Africa
  • Current hold 60% of the Market share in Nigeria, West-Africa

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