Our Directors

The founder and driving force behind the Silverbird Group is a 1979 Graduate of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Established Silverbird 30 years ago and remains a leader in the Media and Entertainment sector in Africa.

ROY MURRAY-BRUCE- Group President
Roy is an alumnus of California State University (Business Administration) and has 19 years of experience in property management, consumer retailing, manufacturing and communications. He is the Group President and oversees business operations

GUY MURRAY-BRUCE- Group Vice President
Guy studied Business Administration at California State University and graduated in 1985. He is the National Director (Nigeria) for Miss World as well as Miss Universe. Guy supervises the establishment and expansion of Silverbird Communications (STV & Rhythm FM) presence nationwide.

An MBA Alumnus of Columbia University NY, he has over 32 years of experience in the entertainment, manufacturing, construction, finance and retailing sectors. He is the Managing Director of Domino Group and Chairman of Domino Plaza.

An Alumnus of Chapman University NY, USA. He is responsible for running our cinema business in Nigeria. Ensuring we get good films from our distributors, maintaining the look and feel, expanding the business and making sure our movie goers are happy and satisfied.