Silverbird Cinemas

The 2004 opening of The Galleria firmly installed Silverbird Cinemas as a game changer and the de facto leader in the Nigerian leisure and entertainment industry. We continue to provide Nigerians and expatriates day and date releases of blockbuster movies in an environment and ambience that is comparable to, and sometimes arguably better than, the service quality available in developed markets.

Further cinema asset additions have since expanded our footprint in this area, including:

  • the three-screen Cineplex  located in Abuja’s Ceddi Plaza
  • the eight-screen facility in Showtime Port Harcourt
  • the 12-screens/8 VIP lounges Silverbird Entertainment Centre (SEC)  in Abuja - West Africa’s largest Cinema complex complete with the  international shopping and entertainment experience.
  • the 5 screen multiplex cinema and lifestyle store in Accra (Ghana) – in conjunction with local partners.

There is tremendous scope for expanding our cinema business – one needs only look at cinema density in developed markets as a benchmark, or take a backward glance into the local market some thirty, forty years ago to get a sense of the immense growth potential of this invaluable component of our business portfolio.

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