In the course of thirty years, our group businesses have evolved naturally into two distinct themes or areas of focus:

Our core family entertainment/relaxation businesses - Silverbird Communications (radio and TV), Silverbird Cinemas, Silverbird Productions and our nascent retail effort, Silverbird Lifestyle.
Our expanding entertainment related commercial prime real estate portfolio and operational/facilities management business.
Opportunities Pipeline


National Network Radio and TV broadcast license allows us to completely cover the Nigerian broadcast space in direct competition with the state offerings. Expanded footprint translates into increased advertising rates and volumes and also makes outside broadcasting a profitable proposition.
Raising the Cinema/Population ratios in key urban centers of Lagos, south-west, south-east and south-south Nigeria and high density locations in northern should keep our cinema business managers busy for the foreseeable future.


Our business model means that opportunities for expanding our real estate portfolio will grow hand in hand with our entertainment business expansion and roll out locally in Nigeria, and across the African continent.